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Leading Provider of Commercial Hygiene Services

Enviro-Master of El Paso is your only choice when it comes to commercial bathroom and kitchen cleaning hygiene service, we offer a full range of hygiene services to customers of all sizes. We extend each and every one of our customers an outstanding quality of our service and personal attention. Enviro-Master offers a hygiene service which is unlike any other in our industry. We work in conjunction with your cleaning staff to do what they simply cannot. We provide countless satisfied clients in the El Paso and Las Cruces area with our restroom hygiene, sanitization and inventory control solution and we look forward to earning your business.

Some Of Our Clients

The Problem

Enviro-Master’s restroom hygiene services in El Paso, TX protects your restrooms from common diseases and viruses. Most infectious germs and bacteria make your restroom their breeding ground. You might not realize, but the spreading of these germs is by the constant use of the restroom by employees and customers.The hard surfaces in your bathroom fixtures act like a sponge, they trap water, organic and inorganic soil in the microscopic pores on them. This results in the production of these germs which then spread more bacteria on more restroom surfaces. Continuous cleaning by simple solutions is not match for these breeding bacteria as you’ll never remove them from these pores on your fixtures.

The Solution

Our process of eliminating these bacteria starts with our trained professionals. At Enviro-Master of El Paso, we train each and every one of our staff on all our hygiene services which are specifically designed to remove these unwanted germs and bacteria from even the smallest of pores on the surface of your fixtures. Our scraping and scaling technique removes the uric acid build up that includes even the hardest of areas to reach. This ensures that our hygiene cleaning services does a thorough and complete cleaning job at your facility. Our chemicals, used in the cleaning process, kills the germs and bacteria that are trapped within these microscopic pores on your fixtures. We work in conjunction with your existing staff to finish the job they cannot. Enviro-Master of El Paso prides in leaving each of our clients facilities more clean and disease-free because we value you as our client. Our entire cleaning service will have you wondering why you didn’t reach out sooner.

On top of our great hygiene cleaning services, we all supply and install soap and paper towels as needed on a weekly basis. No need to stock waste of even pilfering of any of these products. This translates in to more savings based on current expenses you incur buying these items.

A recent study shows that one of the main factors in concern of any business is their restrooms, especially in restaurants. If you’d like to get started with a FREE assessment of your facilities, then don’t wast any more time and contact Edgar Chong of Enviro-Master of El Paso. As always, there is never any obligation, just cleaner bathrooms and happy customers.

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Our Hygiene Services

Read What Our Customers Have To Say

Mario Salinas

I must say that any restaurant I’ve ever walked in to that has clean and well kept restrooms, has always had an Enviro-Master sticker on their fixtures. It is because of the clean restrooms…Read More

Pedro Campos

Edgar Chong at Enviro Masters made a total difference at EP Finess in El Paso. Ever since they started taking care of the sanitation there, the bathrooms are so much cleaner, smell…Read More

Jessica Lopez

Enviro-Master services many of the restaurants I visit. They do a great job keeping the bathrooms clean. To me, this is a clear sign of a truly clean restaurant...Read More

Mauro Anch

Excellent serviceRead More

Dwaina Burks Six

excellent work – I’ve been VERY happy with their services at my Edward Jones office. And the crew really cares… about their work and their customers. I HIGHLY recommend them! Read More

Dennis OBrien

The crew cares about the service and products they provide. I know because they demanded good water! Friendly too! Read More

Why Use Enviro-Master of El Paso For Your Hygiene Services

I’m sure most everyone doesn’t go in to a bathroom and asks themselves “who handles the hygiene here.” What most people don’t know is that there is a very unique industry that takes care of things like making sure restaurant, bar and commercial companies bathrooms and floors are kept in tip-top shape. That industry is the Hygiene Services Industry.

In order to provide a clean and healthy place where consumers feel comfortable, many businesses, commercial spaces and office employ a hygiene services like Enviro-Master of El Paso. We specialize in making sure that your bathrooms, kitchens, floors, factories and hospital wards are kept clean. Most business that have a high area of foot traffic need to ensure that they provide a clean and sterile environment for their patrons. We also specialize in supplying cleaning products and consumables for your bathroom and kitchen areas.

Types of hygiene services

Hand washing and drying – do you currently buy your soap and hand towel dispensers from a cleaning company, then go and purchase the necessary products to fill these items? Don’t waste any more time or space by buying them, let us handle this for you.

Sanitary disposal –we specialize in services that most owners don’t know they need. When it comes to feminine hygiene products or baby changing disposal, Enviro-Master is your only choice. We provide specialized dustbins and packets that will help in keeping your bathroom facilities clean and germ free. We keep your areas clean and free of germs so that your customers feel more comfortable and keep coming back.

Air care/ Odor Control –hygiene services such as air fresheners and odor neutralizers is a necessary means for any commercial industry company. Our air fresheners and odor neutralizers help maintain your business smelling and looking attractive for your customers.

Eniro-Master of El Paso is your only choice for every hygiene cleaning service imaginable. Our staff is both trained and experienced for all of your hygiene nuances. Our solution is not just to clean and make your facility germ free, it is to make your business inviting for your customers. It’s a known fact that the more comfortable a customer feels at your business, the more likely it is for them to be repeat business. Ask yourself if you’ve ever returned back to a restaurant, bar and grill or any type of business who’s restrooms looked and smelled like they hadn’t been cleaned and sanitized in months.

What We Do For You and Your Business

SANI SERVICE (Performed Weekly)

  • Enviro-Master trained technicians use chemicals designed to remove germs and bacteria from the surface and within the microscopic pores of porcelain restroom fixtures (toilet, sinks and urinals). We scrape and scale all fixtures to remove the uric acid build up, including the hard-to-reach areas beneath fixtures to ensure a complete (Walls and floors are not included in this service). (Sani-Service is only provided Monday through Friday).
  • Technicians apply our Sani-Shield Germicidal Spray, which prevents germs from adhering to restroom fixtures for, typically, 7 – 9
  • Your walls get disinfected with our EPA registered germicide applied with an electrostatic fogger in order to disinfect walls, stalls, door handles and most surfaces in the restrooms. The disinfectant typically lasts up to 9 days.
  • Our work decreases janitorial cleaning, as such cleaning should consist of merely wiping down fixtures with a clean cloth.
  • Restroom service includes Enviro-Master:
    • air fresheners for all restrooms
    • urinal screens for all urinals
    • urinal floor mats to catch spills and neutralize foul odors
    • foaming dispensers and weekly refills of
  • It includes maintenance for all provided dispensers.

SANI SCRUB SERVICE (Performed Monthly)

The Need:

Few people are aware that each time a toilet is flushed thousands of tiny water particles are ejected into the restroom environment. These particles carry bacteria and viruses creating foul odors and the potential for disease contamination throughout the restroom and adhere to floors walls and ceilings. There is very tough residue that is difficult to remove like dirt, uric scale, lime scale, grime and/or grease build up on floors.

The Solution:

Enviro-Master’s Sani-Scrub program targets this specific and pervasive problem by using low pressure cleaning equipment containing water and a cleaning solution to scrub floors, walls, stalls, hardware and restroom fixtures. This process removes the buildup of dirt and soil between grout lines and other surfaces. By removing this buildup, we eliminate the breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, inhibiting the spread of disease and containing restroom odors. (This process removes nearly 90% more bacteria, germs and dirt than simple mopping.)

In conjunction with our restroom hygiene services, Enviro-Master’s Sani-Scrub program insures patrons and employees a safe, sanitary and pleasant restroom experience. Upon completion, our specialized equipment will extract water and excess moisture from floors, walls, and fixtures, leaving bathroom sanitized and visibly clean for your customers. This will also leave your restrooms easier to maintain for your employees by giving them a better work environment. The service frequency may vary between the twenty-fourth (24th) and thirty-first (31st) calendar days in any given month from the expected service date. This is to account for weekends or other non-business days.

Your kitchen will also receive our Sani-Scrub process in order to help you maintain the most sanitary conditions in your food preparation area as well as to help your personnel maintain it in optimal condition at all times. This will also help your business image because you have to let your vendors see your kitchen and you don’t want them to have a negative impression of your business.


Enviro-Master will deliver all needed supplies on a weekly basis and, thus, manage your restroom supply inventory. Between the cost-savings of product purchases, and Enviro-Master’s ability to weekly manage restroom supplies purchased, our customers typically save both money and time when purchasing restroom supplies from us so you can focus on what you really need to worry about. The dispensers are provided to you without installation fees or rental fees, they are our problem not yours.

We establish a fill cap for the supplies that you require from us. This means that you don’t have to worry about monitoring your toilet paper rolls, as an example, let’s say we establish that you use 24 rolls per week and we set your fill cap at 30 rolls. That week we saw that you only had 4 rolls so we restock 26 in order to fulfill your fill cap of 30. Please notice that we don’t charge you for the extra rolls we provide to you, let’s call it a safety net. This way you don’t waste time or worry about running out. We guarantee that your fill caps will be met every week and thus likely you will never run out that week.

Products that may be included in your solution package include:

  • Toilet Tissue
  • Hard Wound Hand Towel
  • Foaming Hand Soap. If you require to refill your dispensers between visits.
  • Smart Drain Service – This service is used to clean and deodorize the drains in your restroom. The only action required is that your personnel pour 1 gallon of hot water slowly into the drain cartridge. This will also help with fruit fly pests that like to live in drains.
  • Urinal Screens
  • Urinal Mats


We are the best at what we do because we guarantee results and our business model revolves around that. You aren’t paying for something that you could do yourself, for the mere effort, for a product, you are paying because you want results and that’s exactly what we sell. We know that you are making an investment in your business and that you understand that you need to invest more in order to get world class restrooms and world class support for you to have the edge over any and all competitors you may have. We guarantee to resolve any service related issue within fifteen business days under normal circumstances or sooner. You understand that to get the best it’s also not about throwing money at the problem but investing it into a strategic partner that can guarantee results. You also understand that you can’t have world class results by spending too little with the same in-house process that you have and even if you did spend more, you understand that it’s not about a product or a machine it’s about an expert process that only Enviro-Master can provide. Your business will look and feel renewed and your customers will thank you for it!

In order to guarantee results we schedule a monthly Quality Assurance (QA) inspection in order to ensure that you get what we promised. In this inspection one of our QA personnel will visit your facility and test all of your dispensers for correct operation, check that our technicians have been meeting the fill caps for the products we supply to you, check the fixtures and chrome for cleanliness and ensure that there is little or no build up, check your smart drains, share with your employees how to make the most of the service, we share anything wrong that we find with your facility such as missing light bulbs or other issues that we may encounter if we detect any and we record this in our QA form. If anything was found outside the realm of acceptability we will dispatch one of our initial cleaning technicians to remediate the discrepancy. This then goes to your account manager and he or she will meet with you once at least every quarter (four times a year) to share with you our performance and that you get the peace of mind that you bought.

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