Sani-Service: Restroom Hygiene Service

Enviro-Master’s commercial restroom hygiene service ensure that restrooms are protected against common diseases and viruses.  During our weekly Sani-Service, a certified technician will come to your facility sanitize and coat your restroom with Sani-Shield.

Sani-Shield protects glass, porcelain, ceramics, laminates, plastics, marble, granite, and other  surfaces, against the adhesion & buildup of soap scum, stains, rust, lime scale and hard water minerals.  This makes cleaning easier every time.

Our Sani-Service includes Electro-Static Spraying, FREE urinal screens, soap, and air freshener scent.

Even if your fixtures appear clean, they are still harboring harmful bacteria and germs. Every time a toilet is flushed it ejects millions of water particles containing bacteria and viruses into the atmosphere.  These particles spread up to 20 FEET.

At any given time, BILLIONS of pathogens are living on top and inside of your restroom fixtures. Porcelain surfaces found in restrooms act like sponges; they contain microscopic pores which trap the dangerous pathogens.